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What Styles to Choose For Your Interior Design

When it comes to interior designs, there is no shortage of styles to choose from. So many people will go into a redecorating project with a specific style in mind, while others are still actively looking for design inspiration. One of the most popular design themes that spark people to undertake achieving a particular look is a Asian interior design style. There are many reasons why this particular design aesthetic is so inspiring.

The first thing that tends to pull people towards this design style is that Asian interior design lends itself to the charm and minimalism of authentic Asian design. Many people consider traditional Asian design as the earliest forms of modern or minimalistic design. This type of traditional design was meant to be completely functional while not being obtrusive. Free movement in a given space is unencumbered by the exclusion of bulky furnishings and a distinct lack of clutter.

What a Asian inspired decor does is take this design mantra into the world of modern design. By incorporating these minimalist design principles and matching them with modern, sometimes industrial inspired pieces, a new design style emerged. While some credit modern Asian related locations like Singapore for having a strong influence in the particular design, it is a small part of a larger Neo Asian design, which has grown in popularity in recent years.

Another interesting facet of interior decoration is that while the look of this design focuses on a more modern approach to classic Asian inspired design, one thing that is not lost is the use of natural materials as well. While most people might perceive this as homage to a design that centers on harmony between man-made items and natural materials such as wood, stone, or water, there can be no question of its beauty when incorporated with the modern touch of a Singapore inspired decor. The use of these natural materials also hearkens to the fact that given the unique climate of Singapore products like teak wood, bamboo, stone and water features have been mainstays in Singapore design thanks to these materials ability to weather the tropical climate found in Singapore

A Singapore interior decoration is a perfect match of classical Asian design with all the trappings of modern or even industrial styling. If the minimal features of Asian design appeals to you, but the classic nature of true Asian design is too dated for your decor taste, then a more modern interpretation of this design principle might be just the thing for you. That is exactly what you will get from a Singapore inspired design.